Product creation and pricing

Masks are made according to the client’s dimensions and order placement. It’s always necessary to check the waiting list for the earliest term to start production via the contact form. The basic price, including the halter, is 1250€.

Price of the NEW mask v2.0 is 1390€.

Eye Blinders
This price includes color adjustments according to the client’s wishes. Eye Blinders can be purchased seperately for 122€.

The basic price of the Harness is 1250€. This price includes a synthetic fibre sewing in the standard black color. Different colour sewing is for +100€ to basic price.

Leg Hooves
Set of leg hooves includes: Plastic hooves with adapters (for perfect fit to any dimension) Screws for mounting. Fur sleeves for perfect horse look. (fur available in white, grey and black colour). Velcro (for keeping the fur sleeves on place - second part is on the fur sleeve). Price for this set is 124€.

Hand Hooves
Basic price for the hooves is 177€. This price according to variations. We offer coloured sewing, lockable or non lockable hooves. Short or long sleeves and shoe for hooves. Lockable hooves are for 196€.

Leather Cuffs
We have our cuffs in set of 5 pieces. This set includes restraint for hands, legs and leather collar. Price for the set is 148€ + shipping cost. You can buy it separately and the pricing is : 62 € for leg or hand cuffs. For the collar we want 32€. All the prices is without shipping payment. We can provide all colour variations possible and 3 types of D pads - silver, black and rainbow.

Leather Collar
Basic price of the collar is 130€.

As with the all products are made to order using the contact form for the waiting list availability.

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